I'm a Toronto based branding, graphic and web designer located in the heart of the Junction. Partnering with local small-to-medium size businesses, my goal is to help take them in a new and exciting direction; whether it be a new logo, a fresh web design, or a complete website overhaul. If you or your company have questions, or have a project in mind that I can lend my skills to, please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to working with you to help your business grow and leave a lasting impression on your targeted market.

Discovery & Planning

I do more than just creating pretty pictures. It’s about asking questions and understanding the needs of our clients. Discussing what the issues are that face the current project and what the solutions will be like. At this point, we can then begin thinking and creating ideas that will work within our chosen strategy to fulfill the requirements needed to engage our clients with their current or potential customers.

Prototyping & Design Comps

Our next step involves creating very basic wireframes of the key components within the current project. The main purpose of wireframing is to test different layout compositions in a way that can be rapidly changed or refined. The design with the most logical and intuitive structure that has the best potential is then designed further. The agreed apon art direction is applied as well as the inclusion of the content, all while questioning if the chosen strategy is being meet.

Develop & Deliver

Built according to web standards, static pages for each of the components identified are created based on the design approval. We will evaluate and discuss, was the project a success and have we reached our goals set earlier in our process. With the clients approval of the end project, we can then define what course of action should we take next?

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